St John Restaurant Wedding Photographers London

If you’ve been looking through our work for a while you’ll probably have noticed that we spend a lot of time working in London. We make no secret of how much we love the Yorkshire countryside but there’s nothing like working in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. In our early days as Sansom Photography St John was one of the first venues we worked at in the Capital and the first wedding where we really felt comfortable in the city. Since then it’s always been a special venue for us and one of those venues that we get excited about all over again every time we see a new email land about a St John wedding.

Favoured by some of the countries leading chefs (just check out Lucy and Claude’s stunning, chef filled wedding if you don’t believe us!) St John is a foodies heaven and an incredibly cool backdrop for a gorgeous couple and a killer party! Below you’ll find a couple of our past weddings at St John! We’d love to hear about your plans for your own St John Restaurant wedding, so head to out contact page to get hold of our brochure and find out if we can be a part of your wedding plans!