St John Restaurant Wedding Photographers London

St John Restaurant has long been one of our favourite venues in London and somewhere both of us adore photographing. We’ll admit, Verity was a little thrown by the Devilled Kidney’s on toast (Chris less so but he does love a good steak and kidney pie) but we’ve come to appreciate everything about this stunning, unique venue. Working here fairly regularly over the years we’ve got to know the area but we always love challenging ourselves to find new spots every time we go there. Favoured by some of the countries leading chefs (just check out Lucy and Claude’s stunning, chef filled wedding if you don’t believe us!) St John is a foodies heaven and an incredibly cool backdrop for a gorgeous couple and a killer party! We always love London Weddings, but without a doubt this will always be one of our very favourite locations!

Below you’ll find a couple of our past weddings at St John! We’d love to hear about your plans for your own St John Restaurant wedding, so head to out contact page to get hold of our brochure and find out if we can be a part of your wedding plans!