Peckforton Castle Wedding Photographers Cheshire

I’ve always found the idea of travelling interesting, that is to say it’s never fully appealed to me – a fan of my creature comforts and a daily bike ride – but I’ve always admired the energy that many people who have traveled the world seem to exude. Kelly and Ray’s enthusiasm for travel is full of the kind of energy that most of us scroll through Instagram to see. Yet what becomes increasingly clear, the more time you spend with these two, is that their lust for life comes not from the places they have seen, instead it comes from the people they shared those experiences with and – most of all – each other.

It was a pleasure to work with the fantastic videographer Tom Harrington on the day and we felt immediately welcomed by everyone. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Videography or Photography, our job is to infiltrate a wedding day as stealthily as possible. We’re not going full ninja, but we always want people to feel comfortable around us, comfortable enough to be themselves! From bridesmaids and groomsmen, to parents and friends, everyone at the wedding shared the same joie-de-vivre as the bride and groom.

Their wedding took place at the always spectacular Peckforton Castle in one of the mildest winters we’ve had in a long time. Maybe Kelly and Ray brought the sun with them from one of the far flung places they have visited. Or maybe it was just a warm up for the incredible adventure that was their honeymoon. For a couple that radiate happiness it’s hard to imagine their wedding day not being sunny, but I’m pretty sure a hurricane wouldn’t have dented their smiles.

- Chris

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