Peckforton Castle Wedding Photographers Cheshire

With all of the big changes we’ve had recently it seems only right that we post our final wedding from 2014, one last salute to what we both feel was our best year yet before we dive into 2015 and everything this year has in store! We finished the year over in Cheshire for Katie and Joe’s Peckforton Castle Wedding. We’re used to seeing some awesome venues as well as beautiful decorations but this really was something else. As Yorkshire Wedding Photographers we are used to travelling across the North of England for work, and Cheshire is always a firm favourite.

Katie had assembled, what seemed like on the day, the wedding dream team with the incredibly talented Red Floral Architecture decorating Peckforton Castle with more candles and roses than I’ve ever seen in one place and the lovely Joy from Unique Wedding Planning keeping the day running smoothly and making sure that Katie and Joe could enjoy their day without worrying about the schedule! Top all of that off with a stunning Vera Wang dress and some mega sparkly Jimmy Choo’s and you’ve got all the ingredients for one hell of a wedding!

Despite all of the beautiful decorations, what I’ll remember most from the day was the emotion, it was clear from the ceremony that what Joe wanted more than anything was for Katie to have the perfect day. Seeing a groom on the verge of welling up before one of the biggest moments of their lives is always especially touching and it’s hard not to feel particularly attached to the wedding after that. Watching the first dance from the balcony above, seeing Katie and Joe in the middle of all of their friends and family and surrounded by the stunning decorations it’s hard to imagine either of them could have been anything but over the moon with their big day.

– Chris

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