Bolton Castle Wedding Photography Leeds

We are so excited to share Jo & Sam’s Bolton Castle Wedding Photography Leeds with you all! Jo and Sam are the kind of couple that you could walk by in the street and know instantly that they were in love! They spent their entire day with the biggest smiles on their faces, in fact the only time they stopped was during the emotional vows and speeches, but even then it was only for a split second. Throughout the day it was clear to see how important they are to so many of their friends and family. They all had so much love for each other which was so amazing to see! Once their ceremony was over Jo and Sam headed back into the ceremony room to have the official blessing, it was more intimate and really made some beautiful moments.

Bolton Castle is stunning, set in the heart of rural Yorkshire it made the perfect backdrop to their day! The Castle was theirs for the day and it was just so beautiful. The huge hall in which the had their meal was so beautifully decorated. Jo and Sam had gone to such efforts creating a colourful, magical experience for all their guests. Their speeches were definitely a highlight, it was at this time we wished we had recorded them as well as photographed it! Jo and Sam did a joint speech on their first date, from both of their perspectives! I think you will be able to tell from the photographs but it was just hilarious! Just before their first dance we were blessed with an amazing sunset! What better was to end the evening!

Chris & Verity

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