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Isobel & James’ Cracoe Village Hall – Yorkshire Wedding Photography

We woke bright and early for Isobel and James’ wedding back in May, getting a head start on the day to give ourselves time to grab some breakfast. More out of habit than necessity I checked my emails before we left and noticed one from Isobel at 2.45 AM that morning. Getting married is one of those days when it really is hard to know what to expect, and everyone reacts differently to the day it’s-self. I remember feeling like I knew exactly what to expect on our wedding day just over two and a half years ago, having already shot over 100 weddings I figured it would be a breeze.

Time seemed like an elastic band, stretching out in the evening and morning preceding the wedding as time dragged on, snapping back to double time from the moment Verity walked down the aisle. When I caught up with James in the morning he told me that he, like Isobel, had been unable to sleep for most of the night. It said a lot about them as a couple and to me and there was something lovely about the thought of a bride and groom, separated for the night but both sharing the same nervous excitement.

Isobel spent the morning at the nearby Angel Inn in Hetton (the same place we found our cat Angel who was looking for a home a few years back) with the ceremony at the nearby Cracoe Village Hall. We always love the Yorkshire Dales and Isobel and James looked right at home in the countryside with their family and friends.

Plans changed slightly when the marquee was assembled in light of the high winds, we all knew how much the outdoor ceremony meant to Isobel so it felt pretty special to see the weather start to pick up in time to open the marquee up. Which leads me right on to the couple shoot. It’s at this point I should say a wholehearted thank you to Isobel and James for being so open to our possibly over the top ideas! We headed over to a nearby hill that we could see from the grounds of the village hall.

It honestly did look quite small from there, but as we caught our breath halfway up what felt like a mountain we both felt pretty guilty but massively impressed watching Isobel powering upwards in high heels.

I’m not sure whether it was being reminded so clearly of how I felt at our own wedding, or whether it was just Isobel and James’ obvious connection, sharing such obvious joy with their family and friends, but the whole day felt packed full of emotion. As we looked over the images to narrow them down for this post we realised it had very little to do with the Yorkshire Dales, our own wedding memories or the place where we found Angel, and everything to do with James and Isobel. The kind of couple that wear their heart on their sleeves, sharing it all with the people around them.

– Chris

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