Cheshire Wedding Photographer

Starting out in 2010 I’d say Google had a big hand in allowing me to pursue a career in wedding photography, but as great as the internet is it’s hard to know whether you’re really sending out the right message about who you are and how you see weddings. Even after more than a decade of doing this I still find myself going back to my site and wondering if I’ve managed to put together a handful of pages that will attract the kind of couples I love shooting. Something must be working anyway because every year I’m reminded again and again just how much fun this job is. Fee and Sancho’s incredible Cheshire wedding was one of those days that wholeheartedly affirm everything I love about weddings and most importantly the couples who put their trust in me on one of the biggest days of their lives.

One of the nice little side perks of being a Cheshire wedding photographer is the abundance of great spots for an overnighter in the campervan (Ok so I’ll admit it’s not a perk that applies to many people but for any wedding photographers reading this – never having wedding morning traffic anxiety is a game changer!). With two kids under the age of 5 at home (both with robust internal alarm clocks firmly set to 5.45AM) you can imagine the frame of mind I was in already waking up in a beautiful quiet location just a short drive from my first morning location. Fee got ready with her bridesmaids just a short drive from the ceremony location with Sancho at home not to far away getting ready with his groomsmen. But the real star of the show in terms of location was Fees Family’s stunning home that was used for the ceremony right through to the end of the night. It’s hard to find somewhere more personal than a family home and Fee’s parents were able to provide a perfect spot for this incredible day.

From the first time I spoke to Fee and Sancho there was one overriding message and that was ‘we really love the photos you take and we just want to enjoy our day!’. For me this is always the sure sign that you’re working with the right couples! Weddings are long days and there’s nothing better than seeing two people just having fun! There’s loads that can go wrong with weddings, but barely anything that actually has any huge impact on the day. When I look at the couples I work with now vs the ones I worked with 10 years ago is that everyone I shoot now is fully immersed in their day, enjoying every moment of the madness before it’s over. They aren’t worrying about the details because they know they have booked suppliers they love. From those early morning prep shots it was obvious that Fee and Sancho are not only the kind of client every wedding photographer loves, but the kind of friends everyone wants to have in their group. Their day really was everything I think a wedding should be, if you find a better way to spend a wedding day than having the best possible time with the best people in your life please let me know! Until then I’ll be going back over this one any time I’m in a creative slump!

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