– I was on the first two series of Ninja Warrior UK, I even made the final in series 2.

– I spent most of my time up to the age of 18 in a swimming pool. 200m backstroke was my event.

– I’m ridiculously competitive.

– Aside from being a swimmer, I used to really want to be a vet.

– In 2012 I took two weeks off EVERYTHING to watch the Olympics non-stop.

– I love Radio 5 Live and don’t follow new music.

– I cycle around 200 miles a week and my bikes are my pride and joy.

– I’ve done a few Triathlons and did my first half Ironman in 2017

– Next year I am going the full Ironman distance… hopefully!

I love old cameras – we have one from every decade since the 1920s. My favourites are my grandads old Yashica twin lens reflex and his classic Cosina. Neither is particularly valuable on the market but to me they are worth more than thousands of pounds of modern kit.

I also love films. Back at university my DVD collection was everything to me, now we have over 600 DVDs.

I did love my wedding suit, but unfortunately I ruined the trousers photographing weddings. I lie down the floor or even climb trees to get the best shot, and I think it is worth it every time.

We both love animals and if we had a huge house we would probably end up with a zoo!