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There’s something really nice about engagement shoots, just getting to know couples better and seeing them relax the longer we’re there. It’s a great feeling knowing that it’s something we can do that will just make the wedding day run that little bit easier for an already nervous bride and groom. Yorkshire sculpture park is one of those places that you could go to a dozen times and still find something new there. Whether it’s the incredible scenery or the sculptures themselves you’d be mad to go there and not take a camera.

Last week we headed to the park just south of Leeds to meet up with Josh and Charlotte. It was great to have a bit of a catch up in person before their big day this weekend – it’s been nearly over a two years since we last saw them! It never ceases to amaze me how fast time flies once wedding season’s in full swing and this years no different. I could go on all day about Josh and Charlotte but since we’re so close to their wedding day I’ll save that for their next blog post! What I will say is we had a fantastic time over at the Park and we’re both incredibly excited to see them both again this weekend and to head over to a venue we both love but haven’t shot in a while!

– Chris


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