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There’s something incredibly stimulating in shooting different locations each week. I remember before either of us were shooting professionally, we would take our film camera’s and set off in search of new locations. Armed with our 35mm camera’s, a few rolls of film and perhaps a little too much enthusiasm (Is that possible?) we would happily spend the bulk of our day in the car just to find somewhere new. I think that enthusiasm is the main reason we love travelling for weddings. After countless early mornings, I do’s and first dances we still love what we do. Arriving at a location we’ve not shot at before is a lovely way to start the day, the creative possibilities are endless.

The variety also helps us to appreciate it when we do finally return to a venue. Usually it’s been so long since we’ve shot there we approach the day with a completely different eye. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve had a Carlton Towers wedding – Mitch and Sara’s – and we both loved the venue and the photos we came home with. In that time we’ve been working to constantly improve and update what we do. If you’re not moving forwards you’re moving backwards right? We were both excited about the prospect of an awesome couple and shooting at Carlton Towers again but more than anything we were eager to push ourselves to better the images from a wedding we are both so proud of.

We met Josh and Charlotte just over a year and a half ago and loved the sound of their day. We were even more convinced when we met up again a few months ago for their engagement shoot. When the big day rolled around it had everything we could have asked for, a chilled out vibe, which made us both feel like we could experiment and get a bit more creative, one of the loveliest couples you could ask for and some great spots we didn’t find last time (The Downton style servants quarters were a nice surprise!).

There’s lots of reasons why couples choose their venue, and Carlton Towers has plenty that could have been the decisive factor for Josh and Charlotte. When I asked Josh he said it was the freedom to have the day exactly how they wanted it – and I think that shone out to us. With Charlotte heading off for hair and makeup on site and returning to one of the spectacular bedrooms to get ready and Josh (plus groomsmen) getting changed in the swankiest bathroom I’ve seen! We were happy photographers from the word go. From the ceremony everything just seemed to go as it should, nothing was rushed yet nobody was bored or waiting for the next big event to happen. By the time the sunlight faded it seemed as though the first dance had snuck up on us, we both could have kept shooting all night. On our way out we headed up on to the balcony just in case there was a shot of the bride and groom through the bannisters, one last photographic treat before we made our way back to Leeds!

– Chris

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