Worlds Best Wedding Photography 2015

We always love doing our yearly recap posts, there’s something extremely satisfying about seeing 100 of our favourite wedding photos from the past year all in one place. When we did our ‘Best of 2014’ post we were incredibly proud of the years’ work but we had big plans for 2015. In our 5 years in business I don’t think we’ve ever put more into what we do than we did last year. We invested in our professional growth in the form of mentors who pushed us to work towards new goals and even encouraged us to start teaching ourselves. Something we did in the form of one to one mentoring with new photographers who’s progress has been fantastic to watch.

Our hard work was rewarded in more ways than we could have hoped for, beginning the year on a high when Gael and Pete’s wedding won ‘Best Ceremony in the World 2014’ in the Junebug Choice Awards. The 2015 awards were announced at the end of the year and we were thrilled to see Zoe and Tom’s Victoria Baths Wedding win ‘Best Reception in the World 2015’. Their stunning wedding was also Chris’ entry for the Nikon/Mywed ‘I am Storyteller’ competition in which he placed top 50 in the world 2015. Together, we ended 2015 ranked number 1 AND 2 in the UK on the Mywed website which we were especially pleased with, we now have 85 ‘Editors Choice’ awards between the two of us. The awards also came in the form of 4 WPS awards and 4 ISPWP awards. Had you told us all of that at the start of the year we would have been more than happy, but 2015 was also to be the year we achieved a couple of things we’d been dreaming of since we first began.

For us, Junebug’s annual ‘Best of the Best’ awards have always marked the very best photos in the world with past winners including most of the most influential photographers in the industry. When one of Verity’s shots from Kate and Graham’s winter engagement shoot was included in the engagements awards in May we couldn’t quite believe it, so seeing Chris’s shot of Zoe and Tom in the Weddings awards at the end of the year was amazing. Last but certainly not least we were included in Rangefinder Magazine’s ’30 Rising Stars in the World of Wedding Photography’, a list that we had seen each year and who’s past winners had inspired us tremendously. Seeing the Rangefinder and Junebug awards shared all over the internet from MSN to the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed!

2015 was the kind of year we’ll never forget and it is the people we met along the way that we will remember the most, we’ve met so many incredible photographers from around the world who have become fantastic friends. We’ve got to know some amazing companies who have supported us along the way and we would especially like to thank Fundy Software, Magmod, JPEGmini, Junebug Weddings, Mywed and Rangefinder of course!

Most of all our amazing couples who have invited us to be a part of their special day. We cannot thank each and every one of you enough for trusting us to photograph your day. We’ve been lucky enough to have a front row seat at each of your weddings, to be there when you have laughed, cried and partied the night away. You’ve become friends not just clients.

– Chris & Verity

P.S. This year we wanted to showcase 2015 a little differently so turn up the music, click full-screen and enjoy!


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