Printing photographs is something hardly anyone does these days. It’s said that we are the generation with the most photographs but also with the least. From snaps on the iPhone to treasured memories we have the ability to capture all of the most important moments in our lives. Yet how many of these images sit on a computer, or in the cloud, forever. If in a week, month or year your hard-drive failed, or your laptop was stolen, would you lose all of your most precious memories?

When Verity was younger she would spend days looking through her parents old albums, and the albums of their parents, intrigued as to who each person was and sometimes just to laugh at what they were all wearing! We used to spend hours together looking through our photos and reliving old memories. It’s sad to think that unless we decide to do something to stop it, most of our photos could be lost in 50 years’ time.

We spend countless hours backing up our clients images from our latest weddings in Yorkshire, Leeds and around the world, yet most of the technology used today is new. Have you ever tried plugging in a 20 year old external hard drive? Technology is moving so fast that keeping up with the latest storage methods is a constant battle, just look at DVD/CD drives, a media barely used nowadays yet heralded as the future such a short time ago.

Our albums are printed using the highest quality inks and archival quality papers. These are prints that are designed to look just as good in 50 years as they do the day that they are printed, vibrant and colour corrected for absolute accuracy. Hand bound in Tuscan Leather, Leather or beautiful Linen, all of our covers are carefully assembled to protect your most important images.

It may not seem important today, or tomorrow but in 10, 30 or 50 years it will be. We look at ours maybe once or twice a year but knowing it’s there is so valuable to us, knowing the photographs are safe forever and not lost on a computer hard drive! If you would like to see our album brochure please let us know.

–  Chris & Verity