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Our photography takes us all over the UK and we always believe that variety is what keeps our job interesting and our photos unique. Despite travelling most months we still do a lot of Yorkshire and York weddings. Maybe it’s the host of beautiful venues, from the rustic and incredibly flexible Barmbyfield Barns weddings to to intimate Grays court weddings. Not to mention the spectacular Cathedral and stunning surrounding villages. If it’s variety you’re looking for than there’s always the option of a Humanist wedding outdoors or a York Maze Wedding on the outskirts of town with easy access from the motorways. We’re based in Leeds yet due to its close proximity to York we find ourselves regularly making the trip to the historic heart of Yorkshire and we now shoot more weddings here than we do over in Leeds!

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Barmbyfield Barn Wedding Photographers York I (Chris) first met Nick a few years ago at my cycling club, since that time he’s become a fantastic racer and left fair weather cyclists (Like myself!) in his tracks. Having been involved in sports as a child I’ve always got a great a
Villa Farm Wedding Photography York | Destination Wedding Photographers Manchester Over the years we’ve heard quite a range of stories about how couples met and fell in love. From couples who spent years as friends before realising there was something more there, to couples who
Grays Court Wedding Photography York Wedding Photographers When it came to writing the blog post for Georgie and Steve’s Grays Court Wedding I have to say I struggled to find where to begin. We’ve seen a lot over the course of the last 5 years and this was one of those weddings
Christmas Engagement Photography York | Yorkshire Wedding Photography York We always love the winter, we chose Novemeber 2012 for our own wedding. The build up to Christmas and the chance to relax a little after a busy summer definitely makes it an appealing time too! Most of al
York Maze Wedding Photographers York It’s been a couple of years since we last shot a wedding at York Maze, I remember seeing it for the first time and knowing right away that it fitted in perfectly with our relaxed style. So as we headed out to Emily and David’s York Maze weddi
Hazlewood Castle Engagement Photography Yorkshire The "golden hour" is a term well known in the photography world, it describes that elusive time just before the sun is about to set and the sky has an incredible warm glow to it. We rarely get to experience it on shoots due to th
Yorkshire Dales Engagement Photography Leeds This year has already started in such an amazing way, winning Ceremony Of The Year in Junebug Choice Awards, making some amazing connections with photographers from around the world, and also interviewing them and getting thousands of
Grays Court Wedding Photography York It’s the middle of January and we’re right in what should be our ‘Down time’ yet it seems like we’ve managed to find more and more things we want to do. So much so that we’re busier than the height of wedding season at the moment. We’re right
Leeds Wedding Photography Yorkshire Meg and Kev's Post Wedding Photography On a wedding day there are so many factors to consider, especially time constraints, that affect how you work, so when we suggested to Meg and Kev that it would be great to do a post wedding shoot it mea