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Yorkshire Wedding Photographer Leeds

Leeds will always be home to us, having met here in our second year at university. It’s safe to say that back then we had no idea we’d be shooting weddings full time, let alone travelling the country and hopping on planes for destination wedding photography. For us, Leeds will always be the place that started it all and we’ll always consider ourselves Leeds Wedding Photographers at heart. Although we usually travel further afield for weddings we still do plenty in our hometown and it’s always refreshing to know the roads like the back of your hand. Below is a selection of our work in and around Leeds and the surrounding areas.

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Yorkshire Dales Wedding Photography Leeds This year, perhaps more than ever before, we've found ourselves travelling away from Yorkshire for work. With trips to Cheshire and London becoming increasingly common it has made us appreciate Yorkshire weddings all the more. After all
Oakwell Hall Wedding Photography Leeds | Yorkshire Wedding Photographers York I’m not sure what it is about Oakwell Hall weddings, but I’m sure there must be something in the water. There’s certainly something special about the couples who get married there anyway. A few months
Yorkshire Wedding Photography Leeds | Destination Wedding Photographers It’s not often that we get to go to weddings as guests, in fact it’s pretty much never! But when two of our best friends Alexandra and Alex told us they were getting married the idea of just being guests see
Leeds Wedding Photography Yorkshire | Destination Wedding Photographers Every so often, usually just once or twice a year, we get a wedding that completely goes against what we’ve come to expect from a wedding day. From day’s like Pete and Gael’s French inspired wedding with sin
Yorkshire Engagement Photography It’s funny how sometimes we can spend hours planning engagement shoots, thinking of ideas and imagining shots, only to find that we’ve overlooked something minor that changes our plans. Chris and Anne’s Harewood Engagement Shoot was one of those
Engagement Photographer Leeds This time of year is all about the start of the wedding season for most wedding photographers. Everything is ramping up for another hectic summer and the prospect of a wedding every weekend is something we’ve been eagerly awaiting through all of the
Yorkshire Engagement Photographers It’s a busy time for us up here in Yorkshire, normally we’d be gearing up for the start of the wedding season after a nice break but it seems like this year we’ve been finding more and more things to work on or improve to make 2015 our best yea
Engagement Photography Yorkshire Sometimes it’s all too easy to forget how amazing Yorkshire is when it comes to incredible photography spots. In fact it’s a pretty awesome place to live! It never ceases to amaze me how many new spots there are that we’ve never been to before. R
 Ilkley Moor Engagement Photography Yorkshire It seems like Christmas always goes pretty fast for us, with family in Scotland and down in the Midlands, as well as weddings either side, we didn’t really spend too much time just doing nothing. That said the time that we did get we