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As husband and wife, we know how precious your wedding photographs will become. We know that it’s not just the epic couple portraits that you’re going to value, it’s those unseen tears, those family embraces that are only going to become more meaningful every time you open your album.

We know there is no other couple like the two of you, and we approach your wedding photography exactly the same way, whether it’s in Leeds or Yorkshire, Manchester or Cheshire. Or even on the other side of the world. Without telling you how to pose, or where to look, we deliver a stunning collection of photographs that truly encapsulate the atmosphere of your wedding and take you back to that special day to remember exactly how it looked and felt.

Chris & Verity

contemporary, cinnematic, elegant wedding photography

World Renowned Leeds Wedding Photographers

Verity has a background in Fine Art abstract photography, capturing an atmosphere with dramatic lighting is where she thrives! Chris’ background in the film industry and live music photography is apparent in his love of low light, sharp compositions and wide apertures that make his work come to life.” We met at university and fell in love over our obsession with cameras, spending most of our days in the countryside taking photos and trying out new kit. It’s our life and passion, not just our career.

Ultimately it’s all about YOU, not us. We capture the moments that are important to YOU, we don’t want to turn your day into a photo shoot, we want to capture YOUR story as it unfolds naturally in front of us. Part of this involves us knowing exactly where to be at exactly the right time – something we have spent a long time mastering, blending into the background and creating spectacular images without intruding on your day. We spend a lot of our time working outside of Yorkshire and we are more than happy to travel around the world on request. More than ever we are finding ourselves working in London, Manchester and The Lake District but we always love working in our hometown as Leeds Wedding Photographers

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We would love to arrange a Skype or Phone call to get to know more about you both and what’s important to you.

Chris & Verity