Hi Everyone,

One of the perks of our job is that we get to know most of the parks and scenic spots around us, it’s always nice to know we have plenty of variety when it comes to places to walk the dog! Middleton Park, where Tif and Adam chose to have their engagement shoot was new to us which usually makes for the most interesting shoots as we think on our feet even more than normal. It seemed like the perfect location given the weather we had, a little chilly but with some fantastic rays of light beaming through the trees. Light plays a huge part in what we do, we rarely use flash so we are at the mercy of available light almost every time we take our camera’s out. Sometimes this makes for a challenge, pushing us to hone our skills further, and sometimes we get a gift like the beams in this shoot!

We always have favourite shots and we both loved the shot of Adam twirling Tif around as they walked down a tree-lined path. Sometimes couples do things that are just that bit more personal to them and when we got home and saw the shot on the PC we knew it had been a good days shooting! Hope you all enjoy the photos!

 – Chris

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