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Engagement Photography | Wedding Photographers London One thing we love about the evolution of our business is how much ‘Engagement Shoots’ have changed for us over the past two years. Yes, they are all about getting to know the couples we work with on an informal basis, but tha
Ibiza Engagement Shoot | Wedding Photographers London The idea of a destination wedding can be incredibly appealing, yet the logistics of planning an event as important as a wedding from overseas can often be incredibly complicated. Kat and Anand originally planned an Ibiza wedd
Christmas Engagement Photography York | Yorkshire Wedding Photography York We always love the winter, we chose Novemeber 2012 for our own wedding. The build up to Christmas and the chance to relax a little after a busy summer definitely makes it an appealing time too! Most of al
Bolton Abbey Engagement Photography Yorkshire There’s a few spots close to us that have seen their fair share of engagement shoots over the years, perhaps none more so than Bolton Abbey. It’s a place particularly close to our hearts for a few reasons, we often take our dog out f
Hazlewood Castle Engagement Photography Yorkshire The "golden hour" is a term well known in the photography world, it describes that elusive time just before the sun is about to set and the sky has an incredible warm glow to it. We rarely get to experience it on shoots due to th
Yorkshire Engagement Photographers Leeds Just recently it seems like we’ve been travelling all over the place for engagement shoots, and so Holly and Mark's, just around the corner from us was a nice change from the usual couple of hours in the car. We’d been there for shoots a
Engagement Photography Leeds As you've probably seen, we have been busy with engagement shoots since... well the end of last year! We always stress how important it is for both us and the couple to do an engagement session, it really is the perfect way to get to know each other
Lake District Engagement Photographers With wedding season in full swing our editing workload has hit its usual hectic level and V is hard at work trying to get through them all, while I do my best to keep her supplied with tea whilst keeping on top of the admin and writing! We’
Engagement Photographer Leeds This time of year is all about the start of the wedding season for most wedding photographers. Everything is ramping up for another hectic summer and the prospect of a wedding every weekend is something we’ve been eagerly awaiting through all of the
Lake District Engagement Photographers Engagement shoots are a really important part of what we do here at Sansom Photography. It’s such a fantastic opportunity to get to know couples a little better as well as getting some great shots that we just wouldn’t be able to capture on
Engagement Photography Yorkshire Sometimes it’s all too easy to forget how amazing Yorkshire is when it comes to incredible photography spots. In fact it’s a pretty awesome place to live! It never ceases to amaze me how many new spots there are that we’ve never been to before. R