Wedding Photographers Manchester


We always look forward to engagement shoots, it gives us a chance to get to know our lovely couples even more and also a chance to explore new places and travel. Sarah and Allan’s was no different. They chose the Castlefields district of Manchester were they had previously lived as the location for their shoot, it’s always nice when the couple have a connection to the location. While we were waiting for Sarah and Allan we were also entertained by a two year old who had locked himself inside a car looking very pleased with himself, not to his grandad’s delight! Luckily they managed to break into the back window and free the lock – I honestly thought this just happened in movies!

With cherry blossom in full swing and lots of amazing industrial bridges to photograph we had a great time wandering around and stopping for a few photographs. It was great to hear the stories and memories that Sarah and Allan shared in this area and we definitely are looking forward to covering their wedding later this year!

– Verity


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