Praise | Cheshire Wedding Photographer Leeds

Even the biggest awards and industry praise can’t come close to the feedback we get from so many incredible couples.

Chris and Verity, these photos are incredible.  We are blown away by your work. Richard’s mom actually cried from happiness looking at the photos because they were so beautiful. We couldn’t have asked for better photographers. My older sisters exact words were that they hated how good they were compared to their own wedding photos haha.  My entire family raved about how great of a job the two of you did and how you just meshed so well with the wedding party.  I couldn’t image having a different photographer at our wedding than the both of you.

- Madison & Richard

Thank you so much for our wonderful pictures! You have captured our weekend perfectly and in such a beautiful way. We have received so many compliments on them already – our biggest problem is going to be choosing which ones to frame! You were both so great at putting us at ease and going with the flow over the weekend, it really was a pleasure to have you there! We wish you all the best for the future!

- Charlotte & Tim

Thank you so much for being our fantastic wedding photographers. Everyone absolutely loved the photos and we didn’t expect them to be as amazing as they are!! Its been so special re-living our big day through our photos and now we have the difficult task to choose which ones to frame! We think you two are amazing and want to thank you for putting us at ease from the first time we met. We love, love your photos and wish we could have you taking photography of all big events in our life! Thank you again!

- Laura & Henry

Chris & Verity we love you!!! Thank you for making our day incredible. You did far more than take pictures! Your expertise and sound advice did not go unnoticed… you always went the extra mile!! A million thank yous and more! x

- Casey & Anthony

I think by now, knowing you guys, we knew the photographs would be great – but we are just blown away by them. I’m not sure if it’s the incredible quality (it feels like you could step into each image) or you and V’s skill for capturing the most special moments – but seeing them is like being transported back to the gardens and marquee all over again. The church…Pimm’s in the sunshine…crying with laugher at the speeches…the crazy dancing…everything! What I’m really trying to say is – thank you. As soon as we saw your photographs, we knew your style was perfect for us. But I never could’ve guessed you’d be such lovely people too. I think it was during the engagement shoot, when you and V embraced the hill walking and the cave and the ominous clouds – it was like yes, these are definitely the ones for us!. From start to finish, it’s been so much fun!

- Sarah & Bren

Just wow!!! Where to begin? What really struck us is how amazingly you have captured the warmth and personality of the day. It’s like being transported back there. You have managed to photograph our guests in such a natural, non-posed light (as well as us – for most of the photos I didn’t even notice you were taking them!), you’ve captured all of the little details to remind us of all the finishing touches, and I haven’t even mentioned the jaw-dropping “wow” shots.

You’ve also provided us with some of the best photos we’ve ever seen of our families. Just as an example, my mum can be quite difficult to photograph, but you have caught her unawares and captured her beautifully. I think it definitely helped us having got to know you both so well in the run up to the wedding – we felt so relaxed in your company. It felt like you were more like guests than anything else. But leaving all that to one side for a minute, at the end of the day you are both just truly amazing photographers – born to do what you do. We are so, so glad that we picked you guys to photograph the most important day of our lives. The whole experience has been an absolute pleasure – the engagement shoot, Skype calls, all the lovely personalised treats that you’ve sent through the post, and obviously the day itself – all of these things have played their own part in the whole process. You are clearly so highly regarded in your field, and it’s so nice to see because you’re such lovely people and it’s SO well deserved!

- Domi & Matt

We wanted to thank you for all your hard work and ingenuity in capturing out big day so perfectly! You have given us so many beautiful memories of our wedding which we will be proudly showing to friends and family for many decades to come. It was a pleasure to work with you, both in the planning stages and on the day. We love keeping up with all your adventures on social media and seeing all of your achievements (they are very well deserved!). Wishing you all the best for your continued success.

- Emma & Alex

We just wanted to thank you for our amazing wedding photographs. The pictures are incredible and the moments that you captured will help remind us of how wonderful our day was for many years to come. Especially the church pictures, thank you for talking to the vicar. Everything you did both on the day and leading up to it was so appreciated and we are so grateful. You are not just talented photographers but thoughtful, warm people and it was a pleasure to know you!

- Emma & Dave

“The photos are absolutely incredible, full of energy, romance and style and I think they make the day look even better than it was! You are both literally MAGIC. A beautifully edited selection too, a dynamic mix of the essential moments that piece the day together. And the foreword is so generous and a lovely read for us. Bloody well done and thank you!”

- Lucy & Richard

“We LOVE the wedding photos! It was like re-living the day again going through them, they captured the emotion and feeling of the day so perfectly we absolutely love them, they’re perfect thank you both so much. We had such a great time with you on the day and the photos seem to have taken that feeling and brought it to life, honestly we’re just blown away by your incredible talent and skill!”

- Meg & Kev