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A collection of posts showing you what we get up to when we aren’t busy as Leeds Wedding Photographers Yorkshire , Destination Wedding Photographer York

As Leeds wedding photographers Yorkshire it’s all too easy to get caught up in ‘Work’ and forget that the main reason we do what we do is because we genuinely love photography. When we met we were lucky enough to be able to take all the time we wanted on photography trips. Together we explored Cheshire, York, Leeds and Yorkshire finding some incredible places (And some that we’ll probably never remember how to get back to!) it was during this time that we hones our skills and pushed ourselves creatively to find shots that other people might miss. Even now that we are full time wedding Photographers we still try to take time for ourselves as often as we can. Even if that is while we’re away, each a Leeds Wedding Photographer in our own right. Of course that’s not always possible and we’ll regularly go a few weeks where things are just too hectic to take a ‘photography day’ but once things calm down again we always try to set aside a day, or at least an afternoon where we can take out some of our favourite old cameras and go in search of some 35mm gold. Even before we met we were individually collecting old film cameras and today we have a camera from every decade since 1920, from ornate exotic cameras to more modern, mass produced ones we both love the way shooting with a different body can give such dramatic and artistic results.

We do try to take our film cameras out with us as Yorkshire wedding photographers York, Leeds and Cheshire so that each day we go to work, we feel like we’re just heading out on another adventure just like when we first met. We’ll do our best to make sure that we can retain this enthusiasm and passion for what we do for years to come!

Lake District Wedding Photography When Katie and Richard booked us for their amazing Lake District wedding earlier this month we took the opportunity to turn it into a long weekend! With our job we rarely get time to go on holiday, all of our summer is prime wedding season and i
As most of you know by now Chris and I got married this November. We where lucky enough to be able to take 2 weeks off to enjoy time to ourselves on our Honeymoon. We chose a hotel called the Quinta da cebola vermelha – aptly translated to The Red Onion -in the heart of the Algar