Roundhay Park Engagement Photography Leeds

There’s a few spots in Leeds that we’ve visited a few times over the years. Roundhay park is somewhere we’ve been not just for shoots, but for weddings as well. Working in the same place can be a great way to test yourself, making sure you’re doing new things rather than relying on something that worked in the past. Roundhay’s a little different to most places though in that it’s plenty big enough to find something new every time we go there – the size of the place also means that there tend to be more quiet spots where couples don’t feel so self-conscious!

When we first met Paul and Neha we loved the sound of their wedding but most importantly we loved both of them! It can be a daunting day and it helps us tremendously when a bride and groom are comfortable around us and we know how they react to the camera. We’re both super excited about the wedding early next month where there will be an English ceremony in the morning followed by a Hindu ceremony in the afternoon. In the meantime we’ll leave you with these engagement shots and look forward to posting the wedding in the future!

– Chris

Chris and Verity are internationally acclaimed for their relaxed, documentary approach as two of the UK’s leading Yorkshire Wedding Photographers