London St John Restaurant Weddings

London St John Restaurant Wedding Photographers

Internationally acclaimed St John restaurant in Smithfield is a venue that has fast become one of London’s most unique wedding venues. Set in a beautiful little London street it offers amazing food as well as a trendy venue for you and your guests to enjoy. Walking by you might not notice it was there which is what we love about these little hidden gems in London! We love working at this little venue and it always offers something new for us to shoot each time we visit!

St John London Wedding Photographers Leeds Claude and Lucy’s St John Wedding was a real highlight of the year for us and we’ve been eager to share this one for quite some time. Their ceremony took place at the stunning Asylum in Southwark before they moved on to St John for the
London Wedding Photographer I’ve got to admit, we’ve never really been the London type. We love it up here in Yorkshire, with its countryside and café stops aplenty. The longer we shoot though, the more regular London weddings seem to become, and I hate to say it, but I think we