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It’s always nice to see a couple after their wedding day. It’s a strange thing being someone’s wedding photographer, we’re in such close proximity to the two people on one of the most important days of their lives. Through a lens we get a view of the day that nobody else can. I tend to work on closer lenses than Verity which means I see all of those glances and expressions that guests miss during a ceremony, the speeches and even the first dance. By the end of the day it’s hard not to feel really connected to the couple.

Sometimes we’ll meet up with couples to discuss their album choices, we’ve bumped into couples throughout Yorkshire and even at other weddings before – each time it’s a lovely feeling to catch up. Ben and Leah didn’t have time to fit in an engagement shoot before their big day last year so we always planned on a family shoot. Whereas most people take a little time off after a wedding Ben and Leah got back to normal. It’s worth pointing out that pre wedding normal for these guys included cycling coast to coast, so it came as little surprise to hear there’s another challenge in the works – 5 marathons in a row should do it! I should also point out that – much to her dismay – Leah won’t be joining Ben on the run for obvious reasons!

We met up with the whole family at Kirklees Estate, a fantastic location which we were lucky enough to have the run of. We only saw a small portion of the 750 acre estate where Robin Hood is thought to have been buried but we all concluded it would make an incredible wedding venue. A constant source of amusement on the wedding day for me was Bobby (who lives life like one massive sugar rush!), maybe it was the familiarity but he was exceptionally compliant on the day of the family shoot – it might just have been luck! His sister Holly, usually found somewhere close to Leah and definitely of a much calmer temperament, was once again a star for trooping through fields – and the odd thistle!

It’s always nice to see a couple after their wedding day, but it’s even better when it’s the whole clan!

– Chris

To start here’s a few from their wedding last year!

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