Priests House Wedding Photographers Yorkshire

We always love weddings that feel a bit different, we’ve had some unique locations, off beat themes and a whole range of different running orders for what used to be the most traditional of days. I suppose in many ways our style lends its-self to this kind of wedding far more than the more formal affairs.

Laura and Lawrence chose the beautiful Priests House for the wedding venue and were keen to make sure their day was modern, relaxed and personal. They asked guests to dress a little more casual than most weddings and opted to do away with the idea of a formal wedding breakfast. Instead the afternoon was filled with laughter, outdoor games and even a keg (As well as a few hours spent attempting and failing to get phone signal to check up on the Tour De France stage result.) The Priest House was just up the road from where Verity and I got married 6 months ago, we love this area and being able to go back every now and again to capture someone else’ special day is amazing.

Fortunately the weather was perfect for their outdoor games and it seemed like the day went exactly how Laura and Lawrence had envisioned. Weddings are always long days for us, on our feet and shooting away for at 12-16 hours at a time we often get back late at night completely shattered but always pleased with a day’s hard work. Somehow, despite the heat, the trekking to locations for a couple shoot and the sheer amount going on, we left the Laura and Lawrence’s wedding feeling as though we’d have happily shot for another few hours thanks to some of the friendliest guests we’ve ever met and a few shared interests! (not including a good few midge bites along the way!)

– Chris

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