Sunset Engagement Photography Yorkshire

We have a fantastic view of the sunset over the airport from our office. It’s nice to look outside in the evening and see a sky filled with colour, clouds stretched out along the horizon and the warm light from the sun reaching it’s way through the trees. Most of the time we don’t even take photos of it anymore, in fact for years I’ve refused to take sunset photos – let’s face it, there’s (literally) millions of them out there, hell there’s even a few hundred in our photo archives tucked away on hard drives somewhere. I think when there’s a really beautiful sunset, the best thing to do is just to sit and watch it instead of scrabbling for a camera and the right lens.

We do love the light that the ‘Golden Hour’ brings, it’s always special when we get the chance to use it for a couple shoot – be it an engagement or a wedding. All too often it seems we’ll have a shoot booked in for sunset and the golden hour never quite happens. It’s not the end of the world, but with the most unpredictable of weather that we have over here it’s always fantastic when things do go just go our way!

Katie and Scott’s engagement shoot was a bit like that. A day of rain preceded the shoot and at one point I even rummaged through the cupboard under the stairs for some umbrellas. Not long before we set off the rain subsided and a glimmer of sunshine poked through the clouds. Our spirits lifted more and more as we got closer to Halifax, it looked like we’d have our perfect sunset light after all.

We really wanted to get this shoot up today, 5 days away from Katie and Scott’s wedding day. I imagine right now there’s a lot of last minute favour making, shirt ironing and wedding nerves going on but hopefully this will provide a short break from all of the wedding prep and take them back to this lovely moment!

– Chris