Cheshire Engagement Photography

The wonderful thing about weddings nowadays is that the sky really is the limit, we’ve had weddings in Marquees, Churches, Mansions and Teepee’s to name but a few. From the traditional to incredibly quirky, modern weddings we have seen a lot (I don’t think there’s anyone who can say they’ve seen it all!) But that variety is what makes our job so special, I’ll admit, we’re still a bit behind the USA when it comes to getting married anywhere, there’s still a fair few guidelines when it comes to the ceremony. Receptions though are a different matter, they really can be anywhere you like.

For Jo & Sean that’s Chester, more precisely Jo’s family home in the countryside. A few days ago we popped over to meet the London based couple and chat through their ideas for the day as well as taking a few photos while we were at it. I always think there’s something really special about holding a reception at a family home, it’s got that personal touch that makes the day all the more special, not to mention the chances are it will be all the more unique! Once we got there it was easy to see why Jo had wanted the reception there so much, between the lovely grounds, stunning building and fantastic reclaimed church windows the photo opportunities on the day are bound to be endless.

Suffice to say we’re both more than a little excited about the wedding, it’s just a shame we’ve got over 4 months to wait!

– Chris

Chris and Verity are a husband and wife team of Leeds Wedding Photographers specialising in documentary Cheshire Engagement Photography as well as covering events nationwide and abroad.