investment text

[ in – vest – muh nt ]

the investing of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income or appreciation in value.

our approach

You are a team that thrives together, and so are we! When you commission Sansom Photography to shoot your wedding in Yorkshire, Manchester, Leeds or beyond, you can expect both of us to bring all of our skill, artistry, and enthusiasm to your day. In fact, we would never dream of having an assistant or “second shooter” stand in for one of us, because we believe you deserve the very best, and we know that every one of your images has the potential to be priceless.

That’s why we will never book a wedding the day before yours. We want to arrive well rested and ready to go every time we shoot. 

Our goal is to create a fun, collaborative experience from the first time we connect, so we can learn about what makes your relationship special and how we can exceed your expectations.

We encourage you to contact us for our complete pricing brochure.

Best wishes,

Chris & Verity