Sun Pavillion Wedding Photographers Harrogate

One of the reasons I love being a wedding photographer is that everyone’s always really happy whenever we’re working. I often hear people complaining about miserable colleagues that do nothing but bring you down and I feel unbelievably grateful to not only work with my best friend in the world, but also to be surrounded by enthusiastic, welcoming people every weekend.

I always love shooting the grooms side of the day, I usually head over after dropping Verity off in a house or hotel room full of excited bridesmaids. It’s no secret that the bride’s preparations tend to take a bit longer than most grooms and therefore I start a little later. During this time I get to know groomsmen, family members and generally explore the venues! I loved just how welcoming Liam and his friends were in the morning, it’s a good job I don’t drink or I’d have been mightily tempted to grab a can and sit down with them for a bit, they were enjoying themselves that much!

Liam and Imogen chose to get married fairly close to home in Harrogate’s Sun Pavilions, a venue we’ve passed countless times. In fact it’s probably snuck its way into the background of our past weddings on more than one occasion, nestled in the beautiful Valley Gardens, a staple location for most Harrogate weddings! It was great to finally get the chance to shoot in there and the spectacular glass ceiling didn’t disappoint. It also was probably one of the hottest days we have had this year – hence Imogen’s Dad dunking the little dog in cold water to cool it down! The pavilion decking provided much needed shade and a great area for the drinks reception.

We both love shooting in Harrogate and it was one of those weddings where we left not needing to look at our cameras to know we’d love the photos from the day. What more can a photographer ask for really?

– Chris