Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

We first met Gavin and Danielle at their Bolton Abbey engagement shoot back in October, we loved that shoot as we were both trying out new kit (Verity had brought along her Bel Air and I was trying out a tilt shift) Gavin has a background in Graphic Design so it was the perfect shoot to try a few new things on. It’s great when you get couples like that, who really understand that we genuinely love what we do, both seemed really interested in what we were trying and it made it all the more rewarding to send them along a set of images we were really proud of.

I love the grooms side of the day, I find the mornings are quite often the most entertaining part of a wedding and I love getting to know the ushers and best man in the morning. It’s always much more special when the groom gets ready somewhere a bit unique and the log cabin hidden away in the countryside was an incredible way to start shooting (not to mention the hot tub outside and Johnny Cash filling the air). As I snapped away at the cabin, the power flickered out briefly for Verity at Danielle’s hotel (And the church!) but the rest of the morning went without a hitch!

Unfortunately, after a great start to the day things took a slight turn for the worse (Ok so maybe a bit more than ‘Slight’!) and by the time Danielle arrived at the church you’d be forgiven for calling the winds gale force. As luck would have it things did calm down a little, enough for us to nip outside once we were at The Old Barn and grab a few photos. We always knew Gavin and Danielle wouldn’t be a couple who let the weather affect their day and it was great to see them enjoying every moment with their friends and family. The Old Barn and reception tables where decorated beautifully by Danielle who has a wedding decoration business called Rustic Wedding Tokens. Danielle had even added all the gems and crystals to her shoes and made some for her cute little bridesmaids, all of these services are available from her website! It was a great day and we hope you all enjoy the photographs!

– Chris


 Chris and Verity Sansom run and own Sansom Photography. More than just an Old Barn Wedding Photographer Yorkshire they are a husband and wife team that are internationally acclaimed for their unique approach. Offering overage throughout the UK as well as Leeds Wedding Photography.