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More about Chris and Verity Sansom, Internationally acclaimed husband and wife team of York Wedding Photographers Yorkshire

VERITY – I think the best thing to start of by saying is just how much I love photography… and everything that comes with it.

My dad used to hand me his cameras while he was driving and ask me to get a shot, maybe of some nice trees or even an owl sitting on a post, all for reference for his paintings. Without any skill, and at the age of around 5, I still managed to get the photograph he wanted. I have always been around cameras and loved using them, but it was only when I went to University that I realised I didn’t have a clue what all the functions or even what aperture actually meant! After meeting Chris and falling in love over our addiction to photography I realsied that people have different ways of thinking and taking a photograph, and that understanding all the settings on the camera is only a really small percentage of being a photographer. I always got the result I wanted out of the cameras and that was all that mattered to me! In a way it’s still the way I work as a York wedding photographer today, it just happens naturally and I think of it more as an art form that a way of documenting. It definitely will be something I do for the rest of my life.

CHRIS –  I love everything about what we do, between getting the chance to shoot happy/emotional/fun people every weekend and always having a great excuse to buy obscure and interesting camera gear, what’s not to love!?

 At some point during my A levels the photography bug got me good. I loved gigs so started taking my camera along then moved into hassling managers to get me photo passes. Live music is a great way to learn and I picked up a lot of the training I still use as a York wedding photographer today, especially during a first dance.

I went to Leeds Met’s Northern Film School with a bit of a rose tinted view of the film industry. I had an incredible three years there which I wouldn’t take back for the world – mainly because I met the love of my life through the university! By the time I entered my third year it was pretty obvious to me that I much preferred photography to the film industry and so I spent most of the time I should have been studying out in the countryside with Verity and a bag full of film cameras!

I never really expected to love being a York wedding photographer as much as I do but after shooting a few I was hooked. For someone who’s passion is photographing people you really can’t get any better. There’s a whole gamut of emotions throughout the day, there’s new interesting people to meet every weekend and it’s a job where the photos we put out are genuinely cherished.