North Yorkshire Canal Boat Engagement Photography Yorkshire

For us engagement shoots have always been something we look forward to, it gives us the chance to get to know couples a little better and it allows them to feel more comfortable around us which always helps on the wedding day. As much as we love engagement shoots it’s often easy for them to end up looking similar after a while. We recently decided to up our game when it comes to pre wedding photos, starting with Gaël and Pete’s a few weeks back!

We did some investigating and decided to hire a Barge for the evening and invite Pete and Gaël over from Liverpool to join us for some awesome evening sunlight on the canal – topped off with hot dogs for dinner! Before they arrived we had a while to learn how to actually drive one of these boats – which turned out a little harder than we expected! – but by the time Gaël and Pete arrived I think we had got the hang of it! We had great fun getting to know them both and it felt like having something as fun as the canal boat alleviated any tension that we usually see in couples during their first encounter with our cameras!

Even before the shoot we were excited about their wedding later this month, I’m sure it will end up on the blog so I won’t spoil it, but suffice to say it sounds like theirs will be an incredible wedding. We really do love getting to know couples better, but with a setting like this it was hard not to get carried away chatting – as proved when we realised we’d spent an hour chatting away on the moored boat and it was now gone 11pm!

– Chris