Unique Engagement Photography Huddersfield

We’ve been thinking a lot recently about unique ideas for unique engagement photography. We had so much fun at Gaël and Pete’s canal boat shoot we thought it would be awesome to carry on with similarly unique locations. The trouble is there’s not that much out there that hasn’t already been done already! So when Woody and Erica suggested a post wedding Laser Quest shoot we jumped at the idea!

We thought the idea of some UV reactive powder would look great, although we hadn’t planned for the kids party in straight after. As it happened everyone was more than happy to get involved in one last ‘Team Bride’ vs ‘Team Groom’ powder fight outside. We loved Woody and Erica’s wedding day and to be able to see them again just a few days later was fantastic. Photographing in a dark laser quest course (tricky though it was!) was such a unique idea that we both loved, and having wanted to have a go for some time we joined the wedding party for a game after the shoot!

– Chris

Chris and Verity are an award winning husband and wife team working as full time professional wedding photographers. For more information please visit the Sansom Photography main site.