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When we first spoke to Matt and Domi over Skype, towards the end of last year, we had a bit of an inclining that their wedding would be something pretty special. Somewhere mid-way up a hill (that Verity still insists was a mountain) during their engagement shoot in the Lake District, we chatted away and could tell we were in for an absolute treat!

Their wedding at the end of May was indeed just as special as we’d thought it would be. It was a day that had been planned not around the latest trends, or using wedding magazines as a guide book, but tailored to be a perfect representation of Matt and Domi as a couple. We’ve been looking forward to blogging this one for a while now so we’re super excited to be able to share Matt and Domi’s ‘Big Gig’ with you at last.

Since we started our business we’ve been pretty slack when it comes to gigs, in fact we’ve both agreed not to buy tickets unless we’re certain we’ll actually be bothered to go (we wasted more than a few tickets when the evening rolled around and neither of us really fancied the trip into town!).

” The Big Gig” was the perfect reminder of the incredible experience that is live music, from the table names printed on vinyl records to the wall of ticket stubs, not to mention the reformation of Matt’s friends band for the evening entertainment. It was also a way for Matt and Domi to go full circle, and celebrate the way they met while they celebrated the start of their married lives together.

You see a few years ago, a somewhat hungover Matt was being convinced to go to a gig by his friends. It’s just as well his passion for live music is greater than ours as that’s exactly where he met Domi. They instantly connected over their shared love which they have maintained ever since.

Sometimes people talk about knowing they have met the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with, it can happen after a few weeks or even a few years. Everyone’s different but, as they say, when you know, you know. That feeling came pretty early for Matt, who knew he wanted to marry Domi within a week of knowing her (although in typical manly fashion kept that to himself for a while!).

Even from our first Skype chat we could see they were that special kind of couple whose connection is obvious. Seeing them dancing together in the evening we felt like we’d experienced not only an incredible day, but an insight into the early days of their relationship. When you head home after a wedding like this one the aches and pains of a day on your feet (and up trees in my case) seem to melt away. What more could we ask for!

– Chris

Suppliers – Domi’s Dress : Jenny Packham – Domi’s Shoes : Benjamin Adam – Matt’s Suit : Moss – Venue : Barmbyfield Barns – Wedding Co-ordinator : Ellen Davies – Caterer : Taste Cusiene – Evening Food : Pizza Peddlers – Bar : Bier Huis

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