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Engagement shoots vary so much from one week to the next, sometimes it’s scenic countryside (It’s about time we saved some money and just went for National Trust memberships!) others it’s somewhere more urban. We’ve even had a location that was on a musicians famous album cover. The trouble is the more we do around Yorkshire the harder it becomes to find new spots. Recently though we’ve been pushing ourselves to think more creatively in situations with limited options and when Claire and Gaz asked for suggestions for possible engagement shoot locations I thought it would be a great time to revisit one of our favourite places.

We’ve done a few shoots at Chevin country park before, if you’re not from these parts it’s probably worth mentioning that it’s a fairly big place with 5 or 6 car parks. Chevin’s one of our favourite places to take the dog for a walk, there’s some nice loops and it’s big enough not to get boring, yet we’ve always taken our couples to the higher side of the park. This time – being the mavericks we are – we ventured into the Danefield side. I loved how going for this side of the park gave the photos a completely different feel from the ones we’ve done before. With it’s fantastic views over Otley and the start of this year’s Tour de France route, endless trees and those beams of light that filter through the foliage – we really were spoiled for choice.

Like most of our couples Claire and Gaz weren’t too into posing and it’s easy for those initial nerves to creep in. As we chatted away I think they started to realise it doesn’t have to be that way. Some people (Both Verity and myself most definitely included) don’t like being told how to stand, where to look and what to do and that’s ok. In fact for what we do that’s perfect. We’ve had well over 100 engagement shoots since we started and in everyone the couple have looked fantastic just being themselves.

Sometimes I wish couples could see what we do through the viewfinder, epic scenery and a couple in love. If they saw that I think even the most humble of people couldn’t help a smug grin.

– Chris