Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since we’ve been to Manchester, somehow it always seems much farther away than it really is, though it might just be that every time we go the traffic seems crazy. This weekend was no different crawling along the M60 doing a mile in half an hour in the drizzly rain. Fortunately we knew we were heading to a fantastic location so we popped the heating on in the car and speculated about what was in store for us.

Caroline and Scott had originally wanted the shoot at their local independent cinema and I think we were all excited at the prospect. We were all a bit gutted when we couldn’t do the shoot there but a few phone calls later and Caroline had secured us a comprehensive look around Salford Lads Club. A bit of Googling  later and we were starting to think that not being able to shoot at the cinema wasn’t so bad after all!

We were lucky enough to be allowed free reign of the place, though it did seem a little ironic given that the iconic Smiths cover shot taken outside the front of the building, in many ways the inspiration for the shoot, was done entirely without permission. Inside was like an Aladdin’s Cave of photo opportunities, each room with something different and certainly much more than just the Smiths room.

We did go a little overboard and we’ve got over 200 images to send on to Caroline and Scott but hey, why limit the number of shots we send? We always say that if there’s a great photo we’ll send it, there’s no point cutting out shots we love to keep numbers down! As painful as it was to do we’ve narrowed it down a little for the blog. It was one of the most memorable engagement shoots we’ve done with an awesome couple who seemed to really understand our relaxed approach. Look out for their wedding in July which is bound to be a stunner of a day!

– Chris

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