Festival Wedding Photography Yorkshire

It goes without saying that one of the most interesting parts of being a wedding photographer is the unique nature of each day we shoot. Food, location, theme and a thousand other choices keep us both excited to get to work as we drive to venues every weekend. Not to mention the brides and grooms that really make each day special.

As we drove down to Cambridge for Alex and James’ 2 Day Festival Wedding we knew it would be one to remember. A wedding with a bright pink colour theme and hot tub busses was always going to be memorable, but – as always – it’s the couple that holds the day together. I’d imagine even by this early point in the blog post preamble most people would be putting together a picture in their mind of an entertaining and downright awesome couple.

With bands, DJs, a thousand origami cranes, weather that Glastonbury would kill for and friends and family coming together to celebrate in style, this was the kind of day that brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘unique’. Alex and James’ was the perfect storm of weather, planning, people and execution. With the help of the lovely Vanessa at Frocks and Rocks Alex and James’ vision for their wedding, their way, was something that every single person there will remember for a long time to come. There’s even talks of the whole thing turning into an annual festival. Now that’s a wedding with a legacy!

– Chris & Verity