Cheshire, Yorkshire and Leeds Wedding Photographers

We are Chris & Verity Sansom. The UK’s leading Husband & Wife team, Internationally recognised and acclaimed for our distinctive, colourful and timeless style.

With 8 years and 300 weddings experience we have seen more incredible moments than we could ever have hoped. We would be honoured to photograph your wedding and are passionate about providing you with priceless memories.

– Chris & Verity


Award Winning Wedding Photography

Sansom Photography was started in 2010 by Chris & Verity and over the last 8 years has become one of the most highly commended businesses in the industry. We approach each wedding with a clear focus that allows us to capture the days and people with an authenticity and honesty that has earned us a reputation as two of the worlds leading wedding photographers and the UKs leading husband and wife team.

Investing In Your Future

We shoot weddings of all shapes and sizes. From intimate village hall’s to the grandest of stately homes. For us, it’s about the couple, not the budget or the venue. Our couples view their wedding photography as an investment, and so do we! These are images that increase in value exponentially with each year that passes. They preserve the memory of one of the most important days two people can ever share and we consider this to be an honor, a privilege and an exercise in trust that we will always treat with the utmost respect.

Wedding Photographer in the North Of England

Our work has taken us all around the world, from Singapore to France and Dubai. We love the fact that our work regularly has us visiting London, Manchester and the Lake District but for us Yorkshire will always be home! We would love to hear your plans, big or small, and see how we can capture your day with the beauty and honesty it deserves.