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Hope everyone is enjoying the well needed sunshine we are getting at the moment! Even if it does include a few freak hail showers!

It seems a bit odd that only the other day I was writing a blog post about “Snow” and saying how much I missed it this year – only today I eagerly checked the WPJA Awards and found out that this image had won me my third WPJA Award!

It was taken at a very snowy wedding last March, one that we definitely will remember forever! I still recall waking up at 5am and looking out to the thickest snow we have had since we have lived here in Yorkshire. You really couldn’t tell were the pavement began or the road started. Although I don’t think Chris would like me admitting it, but I did find the drive there a little exciting – but also very stressful! The wedding went without a hitch for the rest of the day and we left feeling really excited about the photographs we had just taken if not a little numb from the cold! It’s very exciting to be placed alongside all the other amazing photographers around the world and I am so happy to have won another award!

We are starting to get into our busy “wedding season” now but we have had such a great winter with weddings, including Stella and Dom’s on NYE, that we will never forget! It’s also given us some time to reflect and improve our business. We have started to blog about more personal projects and journeys that you can now browse on our blog. We are also looking at ways to offer you all a little something extra when receiving your files. I can’t say anymore at the moment but of course you all will be the first to know when it happens!

As I am sure you are aware too we have started the exciting project of interviewing some of the worlds best wedding photographers, including seven of American Photo‘s listed top 10 wedding photographers in the world! We are beyond thrilled about this and humbled that they have all agreed to take part. We hope to keep this an ongoing feature,¬† so even if your an inspiring photographer or just want to know more about the wedding photography world then these interviews will definitely be worth a read. The next one will be from¬†Dave Getzschman from Crisman Studios and will be uploaded into two parts due to his generous two hour Skype chat with Chris!

But for now I will leave you to enjoy the rest of the sunny day!

– Verity

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Sansom Photography is Husband and Wife team Chris and Verity Sansom. Working throughout the UK and Leeds Verity is an Award winning Yorkshire’s Best Wedding Photographers.